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The European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) is a non-profit private foundation headquartered in Brussels with African offices in Antananarivo (Madagascar), Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Moroni (Union of Comoros) and Conakry (Republic of Guinea). 

ECES promotes sustainable democratic development through the provision of advisory services and operational support in favor of all electoral stakeholders, including electoral management bodies, civil society organizations dealing with civic & voter education and election observation, political parties and parliaments dealing with electoral reforms, media, security forces and legal institutions dealing to electoral dispute resolutions.

The scope of ECES’s work includes strategic/operational planning, technical support, leadership development, research and policy recommendations. Capacity-enhancing activities lie at the core of ECES’ work and are provided through peer reviews, exchanges of experiences, south-south collaboration and the sharing of the best practices in the field of electoral support, under the guiding principles of inclusiveness and knowledge sharing. 

ECES implements its activities and projects with the aim of ensuring sustainability, efficiency and local ownership taking into account national and regional socio-political environments as well as the short-, mid- and long term impact of its work. Through the integration of the latest research within the democratic and electoral field and promotion of dialogue in its projects, we aim to support the development of regional, national and local capacity in leadership and conflict management in the electoral sector and by doing so, encourages inclusive democratic transition and consolidation.

The founders and personnel of ECES have acquired extensive field experience and, taken together, ECES has knowledge and a well-established network in over 70 countries around the world.

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