In the framework of our project “Projet d'Appui au Renforcement de la Démocratie en République de Guinée (PARD-Guinée),” funded by the European Union, we have organised a training course for the media monitors of the Haute Autorité de la Communication in Guinea.

This training course is designed to break down the fundamental principles of media monitoring and strengthen participants' analytical skills.

The course included a mix of theoretical instruction and practical exercises to ensure a comprehensive understanding of monitoring methodologies, with a particular focus on election periods. By immersing themselves in practical case studies, participants grasp the complex facets of media monitoring techniques, paving the way for a more nuanced understanding.

Throughout the course, we look at five key themes:

1. Capturing the essence of media monitoring methodology,

2. Dissecting media content analytically,

3. Navigating the field of social media monitoring and tracking,

4. Identify and analyse hate speech,

5. Evaluate and present the results of observation and analysis.

This initiative underlines our commitment to promoting a well-informed media landscape in Guinea and in the whole African continent.