On June 28, 2024, we supported in the relaunch of Guinea's parliamentary radio station!


This initiative is part of the EU-funded "Programme d'appui au Renforcement Démocratique en République de Guinée" (PARD-Guinée), demonstrating our ongoing support for the Conseil National de Transition (CNT).

The relaunch counted with multiple personalities, such as Dr. Dansa Kourouma, President of the National Transition Council (CNT), H.E. Ms. Jolita Pons, Ambassador of the European Union to Guinea, and Mr. Tommaso Caprioglio, Coordinator of the Support Project for the Strengthening of Democracy in Guinea (PARD-GUINEA).

With its initial launch on May 3, 2016, the radio station stopped broadcasting on May 20, 2021, due to technical breakdowns. Through our support, citizens will have the possibility to access clear and precise information on legislation and legislative debates. This will not only give them a better understanding of their rights and duties but will also encourage citizen participation.

Our action follows the EU's commitment to support the CNT through capacity building and technical support, allowing information to be further accessible and laying the foundations for a fairer and more just society.