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The European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) is a non-profit private foundation headquartered in Brussels with African offices in Antananarivo (Madagascar), Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Moroni (Union of Comoros) and Conakry (Republic of Guinea). 
ECES promotes sustainable democratic development through the provision of advisory services and operational support in favor of all electoral stakeholders, including electoral management bodies, civil society organizations dealing with civic & voter education and election observation, political parties and parliaments dealing with electoral reforms, media, security forces and legal institutions dealing to electoral dispute resolutions.  
The scope of ECES’s work includes strategic/operational/financial planning, leadership development, and research & policy recommendations. Capacity enhancing activities lie at the core of ECES’ work and are provided through peer reviews, exchanges of experiences, south-south collaboration and the sharing of the best practices under the guiding principles of inclusiveness and knowledge sharing.  The Leadership and Conflict Management Training for Electoral Stakeholders (LEAD) is ECES' flagship training developed togehther the Centre for Creative Leadership. Today, the LEAD programme has been delivered in more than 20 countries in French, English, Portuguese and Arabic languages and it continues to be a much sought-after training from all electoral stakeholders.
Since February 2012, ECES has signed over 40 contracts in support of transparent, credible and cost-effective electoral processes and the strengthening of democratic institutions in more than 35 countries mainly, but not only, in Africa and Middle East. In addition to that, the founders and personnel of ECES have acquired extensive field experience and, taken together, ECES has knowledge and a well-established network in over 70 countries around the world.


The European Union is by far the largest donor of ECES, however we have also signed contracts and partnered with many other organisations for implementing our activites. Click to see the list of all our contracts and projects as well as the complete list of all our partners.

Last but not least, ECES collaborates closely also with several regional electoral networks and centers that organized regional electoral events, such as: the RECEF (Réseau des compétences électorales francophones), the ECF-SADC (Electoral Commission Forum of the SADC, the Southern African Development Community), the ECONEC (National Electoral Commissions of ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States), the Electoral Knwoledge Network of the Central African States (RESEAC), the Association of  European Election Officials (ACEEEO) and the SADC Electoral Support Network that comprises 16 Platform of  Civil Society Organisations dealing with Election Obseravaton in the SADC countries.
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