We are proud to have facilitated and organised the Mission of the Gabonese Constitutional Court and Senate to Luxemburg.

The representatives visited the Court of Justice of the European Union and had the opportunity to interact with the President of the Court, Koen Lenaerts.

The delegation comprised the President of the Gabonese Constitutional Court, Mr Dieudonné Aba'a Owono, the Vice President of the Gabonese Senate, Mr Ngoussi, and the senior judge, Mr Bignoumba Fernandes, who visited the Court building and had peer-to-peer exchanges with some of the Court's judges.  The Founder and Executive Director of ECES, Fabio Bargiacchi, and the President of ECES' Strategic and Advisory Committee, Joelle Milquet, accompanied and facilitated the mission.

We organised this activity in the context of our work to support the ongoing democratic transition and political dialogue in Gabon with our local long-lasting partner of the "Consortium de la Societé Civile pour la Transparence Electoral" (COTED).

Against a backdrop of political transition in Gabon, the meetings provided an opportunity for exchanges between peers on various legal and electoral issues and the role and means of bringing cases before the Constitutional Court.

ECES is proud to back this important mission in the framework of its support for the constitutional reform process underway in Gabon.