ECES ( and Democracy Essentials (DE) have collaborated since their establishment in 2010 in developing ICTs applications for electoral stakeholders, especially Electoral Management Bodies and Civil Society Organizations.

Thanks to the longstanding collaboration between the Founder of ECES Fabio Bargiacchi and the founder of DE Khaldoun Dudin and their experience in promoting electoral and democratic strengthening, we have jointly created several apps and guidelines to support electoral stakeholders and practitioners in their tasks, including the development of electoral forms and ballot paper design.

DE is a Brussels based enterprise which plays an important role in providing services in the wide domain of democracy support. It offers ICT related technical expertise applied in the fields of electoral assistance and observation, parliamentary and political party development, media and elections, migration and development.

Through this partnership, we have therefore produced the Poll Workers Management System (PWMS) application which is tailor to the need of the different countries we are working with, mainly in Africa and the Middle East.

The Poll Workers Management System (PWMS) is an efficient and reliable system for managing poll worker profiles is crucial to ensure that the electoral process runs smoothly without disruptions. This system encompasses various verification stages, starting from the initial submission of applications by potential poll workers to their deployment on election day and beyond. The system enables electoral commissions to keep track of poll workers' expertise, education, years of experience, and languages spoken, thus ensuring that they are assigned to suitable positions that match their skills and competencies. It includes the feature of secure uploading and storing of necessary documents, such as identification cards, educational degrees, and certificates, to their profiles, for electoral officials to verify their qualifications. The system also includes features for verifying poll worker payments and generating end-of-work certificates to compensate them for their service. By streamlining the process of managing poll worker profiles, the system helps electoral commissions to optimise their resources and ensure that they have a sufficient number of trained personnel to operate polling stations on election day. This system plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the electoral process and contribute to the credibility and legitimacy of electoral outcomes.


Picture 1: Information data sheet for the personal information of the poll worker

Picture 2: Dashboard with the aggregated information of the workers