vision and mission


To continue to be the reference not-for-profit private European organisation to implement electoral support projects in line with the values and policies of the European Union and its Member states in the context of their development cooperation with their partner countries. ECES strives to support the partner countries of the EU and of its Member States to organise their electoral processes in a credible and transparent manner as the best contribution to prevent electoral conflicts and to promote stability toward inclusiveness and fair societies.



We are a not-for-profit foundation that works de facto as an association of electoral and EU project management experts implementing electoral support activities via copyrighted tools and methodologies resumed in our strategy called “A European Response to Electoral Cycle Support - EURECS”.



We are fully committed to the continuous improvement in the quality of ECES and our activities in implementing our EURECS copyrighted strategy. All the personnel working at ECES are aware of their crucial contribution to the achievement of our objectives through compliance with the necessary process, service, legal and regulatory requirements, always taking into consideration the needs of our donors and beneficiaries. We will continue to aim for the highest standards of professionalism in our operations and will work to ensure the satisfaction of our personnel, partners, donors and beneficiaries worldwide.