ECES builds on years of work since 2010 delivering electoral and democracy support around the world, having implemented activities in around 50 countries mainly, but not only, Africa and the Middle East.

Between our headquarters in Brussels and our field-project offices, we are a diverse team of highly skilled and experienced international, regional, and national experts. We have so far contracted more than 2000 individuals, representing over 60 different nationalities.

We can speak and work in more than 30 languages, the most important being: Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Arab, Swahili, German, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, Dutch-Flemish, Polish, Romanian, Albanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Shona, Amharic, Berber, Bahasa Indonesia, Nigerian Pidgin, Tigrinya, Bosnian-Croat-Serbian, Wolof, Lingala, Moré, Dioula, Bambara, Fulfulde etc.

In this framework, it is important to underline as well that the strength of ECES lies in the extensive electoral and democracy assistance experience of our personnel that was matured even before starting to collaborate with ECES. Taken together with the specific ECES experience since 2010, we can count on a specialised knowledge of our well-established worldwide network in roughly 90 countries as shown in the map below.

ECES and its personnel have implemented projects and activities in the following countries: 

Afghanistan; Algeria; Angola; Austria; Belgium; Benin; Bolivia; Bosnia; Botswana; Brazil; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cameroon; Canada; Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad; Colombia; Comoros; Congo-Brazzaville; Dem. Rep. of Congo; Ecuador; Ethiopia; Fiji; France; Gabon; Ghana; Georgia; Guinea-Bissau; Guinea-Conakry; Haiti; India; Indonesia; Italy; Ivory Coast; Jordan; Kenya; Kosovo; Laos; Lesotho; Liberia; Libya; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Madagascar; Malawi;Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mexico; Moldova; Mozambique; Namibia; Netherlands; Niger; Nigeria; Pakistan; Peru; Portugal; Rwanda; Sao Tome & Principe;  Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Sierra Leone; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; South Sudan; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Suriname; Swaziland; Sweden; Switzerland; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Timor Leste; Thailand; Togo; Tunisia; Uganda; United Kingdom; United States; Venezuela; Vietnam; West Bank/Gaza; Zambia; Zanzibar; Zimbabwe