ECES advertises staff vacancies on this website when new positions are open. The full list of vacancies can be found HERE

ECES  encourages high-level professionals interested in joining our team to submit their spontaneous applications. Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV and a Cover Letter, providing details of their past experiences with special focus on their work in the field of electoral support.

Internships are also offered at ECES. Junior professionals are encouraged to send us their CV and a Letter of Motivation explaining how they would like to contribute to the work of ECES.

Please submit your CV in PDF format to in this respective template and save the document as CV_Surname-Name-MM.YYYY

We are particularly looking for:

Programme Managers             ECES Programme Managers will be in charge of planning, implementing and coordinating ECES projects. The duties of Programme Managers’ include: monitoring budgets, allocating project resources as well as motivating and managing programmes’ team members. Other duties include issuing progress reports and ensuring deadlines are met in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, Programme Managers will be responsible for devising, organizing, and implementing high scale projects that could also be very complex in nature.

Operation and Finance Manager     

The Operations and Finance Manager will provide organizational, financial and operational support for all ECES activities. More specifically, the specific the Operations & Finance Manager will Advise the Executive Director in all the operations activities of ECES, will revise ECES offers and the budget, define and source co-financing, oversee the implementation of all ECES contracts and ensure that activities are consistent with the proposal and implementation plans.
Capacity Development Experts We ought to work with qualified and experienced Capacity Development Experts, especially with BRIDGE accredited and accrediting facilitators, both for specific activities in one of our target countries or on an ongoing basis.
Thematic Experts Thematic experts on the different steps of the Electoral Cycle, namely in the Legal Framework, Operation and Planning, Training and Education, Voter Registration, Electoral Campaign, Voting Operation, Verification of Results, Post-election phase, to work with us on specific assignments and to provide issue-specific advice.
Researchers For those with policy expertise and research interest in electoral issues and especially in election-related violence and conflict resolution, we are open to sharing our experience and knowledge to advance policy- and practice-focused research.
Junior Professionals For young professionals with recent postgraduate degrees in social sciences (political science, administration, law), information technologies or in any other a related field, we offer internship opportunities within our projects and in our office Headquarters in Brussels.