ECES is proud to announce the launch of the application “Electoral Translator”, a tool that translates electoral terms in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. The six Ethiopian official languages (Amharic, English, Afar, Oromo, Somali and Tigrinya) will also be included.

The geenral aim is to provide the international audience with the opportunity to understand and master the very specific language used in the field of democracy and elections, within the broader objective of making electoral processes around the world more inclusive and sustainable.

This application, which translates electoral terms in different languages, has been developed by ECES with its technical partner of Democracy Essentials for the use of the different electoral stakeholders, which are beneficiaries of their electoral support projects around the world.

The Electoral Translator serves all electoral stakeholders. including: electoral management bodies, competing political parties and candidates, media and journalists, civil society organisations dealing with election observation and voter education, security forces and institutions dealing with electoral dispute resolutions.

The Electoral Translator App has been developed by ECES with the technical support of Democracy Essentials, in the framework the project Innov-Elections, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Innov-Elections was developed by ECES and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa (SSSA) and is being implemented with the support of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

You can download the App on Google Play and Apple Store !