In order to ensure the highest efficiency of activities' implementation as well as an efficient internal management, ECES selected and has been collaborating over the last years with a team of experienced professionals, who are able to provide the organisation with tailored support in line with identified needs. ECES’ external support network, composed by enterprises, organisations and professionals whose credibility and professionalism is largely recognised and appreciated, ensures a high-level sectorial know how as well as the necessary senior advice to develop sound managerial strategy in line with the rules and regulation of each donor funding ECES' activities.

Legal, Human Resources, External Relations and ICTs support

At the legal level, ECES is collaborating with the law firmCabinet Dabin. For the management of its Brussels-based human resources and for external relations, ECES cooperates with SD Worx. With regards to ICTs related needs, ECES is supported by Democracy Essentials. ECES is also supported by Foxconcept.

Insurance Support & Security 

To ensure the well-being and the security of its associates and experts in the field, ECES is supported by Cigna Global Health Benefits  Furthermore, HEALIX provides all ECES personnel with all their medical evacuation needs through Cigna. Because ECES is a growing organisation under the point of view of the financial turn over and the average size of its activities, ECES Board Members and ECES partners need to be effectively protected from legal risks related to the performance of ECES Board members. ECES contracted AIG ltd to provide ECES Board Members with a solid protection from claims brought against them for alleged breach of duty, negligence, misstatements, errors or omissions and other legal risks related to the performance of their functions and duties. ECES has concluded a global agreement with GARDA World to provide security awareness and security services for all its personnel worldwide.

Evaluations, Verification of Expenses and External Audits

ECES considers evaluations, projects’ verification of expenses and external audits as occasions to further improve the implementation of its activities in line with an effective financial management. Each project is constantly monitored throughout its lifetime using a set of auditing, financial and management benchmarks. ECES does this also via a specifically designed internal tracking software system where for each expense all the scanned supporting documents are stored in the software. Each expense, along with all the supporting documents scanned, is linked in the software to specific budget lines of the approved budget, thus allowing constant control of the level of expenses and preparing the ground for the final expense’s verifications and external audits.

Verification of Expenses are carried out mostly following the indications of the donors if they have a preferred audit company that they would like ECES to use for a specific country or a specific project. Otherwise ECES collaborates with the most known audit companies at global level like KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Deloitte, Moore Global Ernst & Young and BDO Global.