Since its foundation in 2010, ECES has been awarded an important number of contracts for promoting sustainable democratic development, mobilising a grand total of more than 129 million Euros (129.103.463 million Euros).

ECES has benefited from the financial contributions of over 30 donors that have supported and enabled its provision of advisory services, operational support and management of large projects in the electoral and democracy assistance field. 

The main funding partner by far has been by far the European Union, which has awarded contracts to ECES across its different financial instruments, including:

40.243.379 €

21.376.399 €

12.737.995 €

7.539.374 €

3.455.860 €

3.500.000 €

10.646.750 €

The EU Member States represent the second-largest type of funding partner. Among these, Germany has been the largest donor, awarding ECES more than 17.394.312 € (which includes 13.9 million € contributions from the German Development Bank (KFW) for the EU-funded projects EURECS and EURECS+ Ethiopia) followed by France (3.012.000 €), Italy (2.892.350 €), Denmark (1.633.383 €) Austria (700.000 €), Luxembourg (500.000 €) and Ireland (200.000 €).

Other key funding partners include:


Our quest to deliver electoral assistance worldwide while promoting European values through a distinct European delivery mechanism is constantly growing. ECES is committed to continuing its contribution to democratic and electoral processes around the world. This has been achieved both through technical and financial support.

With reference to the latter, we have contributed back to the budget of European Union-funded projects an overall amount of around 2,4 million Euros (2,404,384 €) from our own core funds. In particular, ECES has contributed to the co-financing of the following EU projects:




* This amount includes a 10 million € contribution from KFW to the EU funded project EURECS Ethiopia, as well as a 3.9 million € contribution from KFW through the EU Delegation to Ethiopia for EURECS+ Ethiopia.