ECES, with our partner Democracy Essentials, has developed, among several other electoral related applications, the Global Election Management System (GEMS). This plattorm was built to mainly assists senior officials of electoral management bodies in achieving the ultimate goal of making real time informed decisions in electoral operations by calculating the risks associated with those decisions.

Our platform focuses on three key areas:  planning, risk management, and communication with field personnel. It integrates various applications to organise and analyse data, providing visual dashboards for real-time insights that will be available to senior officials of EMBs on their smartphones, computers or tablets as well.

The platform includes:


GEMS Dashboard

The Dashboard module empowers EMB users to create sophisticated visual representations and engage with dynamic maps, thereby elevating their data analysis and decision-making capabilities.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS is a comprehensive web-based application designed to streamline the oversight of warehouse activities, making it easier for election officials to manage and monitor election equipment and supplies.


Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology offers a substantial enhancement in the identification and tracking of electoral packages stored in the warehouse. It facilitates effective inventory control and continuous monitoring of their movements. When integrated with our GMS system, it guarantees comprehensive tracking of all election packages, ensuring an elevated level of transparency and accountability throughout the entire process, from the warehouse to their ultimate destinations.


Geo Location Management System (GMS)

We employ GPS technology to ensure the punctual and precise transportation of materials from the warehouse to their assigned destinations. Through our GPS management system, the seamless integration of tracking confidential electoral packages, overseeing the transit procedure, and effectively handling logistics communication during transportation is designed to ensure the smooth execution of your election process.

GEMS Helpdesk

The effectiveness of assistance offered during Election Day hold significant importance. It is imperative for support personnel to efficiently provide solutions. GEMS Helpdesk streamlines this procedure by serving as a centralised web application that instantly records, classifies, prioritises, and monitors incidents throughout the entire electoral process.

GEMS Files

Discover the benefits of GEMS Files, an exceptionally secure document management platform hosted in the cloud, expertly customized to address the specific file-sharing needs of electoral processes. Safeguard, arrange, oversee, exchange, and retrieve files in various formats instantly, using any device, to ensure effortless cooperation and ease of use.

Poll Workers Management System (PWMS)

This module streamlines the task of generating staff assignments, enabling users to boost their productivity in staff allocation, optimize schedules, effortlessly distribute documents, and assign shifts.