Khaldoun has over 15 years of professional work experience, with more than 10 years in ICT expert/coordinator positions across a range of continents and in various contexts. Specialising in electoral data processing and analysis, he gained experience in web development, website designing, publishing, editing and maintenance techniques. He is also experienced in database administration, data analysis, statistical analysis, and charting.  He has excellent up-to-date technical knowledge of hardware and software of information technology.


Khaldoun is the founder of Democracy Essentials (DE), a Brussels-based company specialised in ICT and elections. ECES and DE have collaborated since their establishment in 2010 in developing ICT applications for electoral stakeholders, especially Electoral Management Bodies and Civil Society Organizations. DE plays an important role in providing services in the wide domain of democracy support. It offers ICT related technical expertise applied in the fields of electoral management, electoral assistance and observation, as well as for parliamentary and political party development, media and elections, migration and development. In addition, DE contributes to the overall IT framework of ECES’ projects and to the development of technology tools at project and Headquarters’ level.

Through this partnership, ECES and DE have produced seven distinct apps and a platform called "Global Election Management System (GEMS)", which aims to help senior officials of EMBs to take informed decisions in electoral operations by calculating the risks associated with those decisions stemming from strategic and operational plans. GEMS can be tailored to the need of the different electoral contexts and countries. These apps are a testimony to the leading work of ECES on ICTs to provide state-of-the-art solutions to electoral management bodies and other electoral stakeholders to improve their own systems, thus contributing to the strengthening of democratic principles. Below a short description of the applications:

  • Roster of Electoral Assistance Experts
  • Polling Station Allocation System via satellites
  • Poll Workers Management System (PWMS)
  • Electoral Translator App
  • Unified Social Media Monitoring and Early Warning System
  • Electoral Results Aggregator (for EMBs and CSOs)
  • Voter List Digitalisation System
  • Global Election Management System (GEMS)