ECES recently signed a convention with Your first EURES job, a European project aimed at boosting professional mobility and job matching on a transnational level, thus promoting the European Single Market among employers and young workers.


Your first EURES job (YfEj 6.0) is a European project implemented by EURES National Coordination Offices, through partnerships involving EURES of other Member States, public, private and third sector organisations. It is one of the tools developed by the European Commission to face youth unemployment in Europe by making it easier for them to gain work experience in another Member State.  

The programme seeks to facilitate the mechanisms for European youth to move, gain professional experience and be permanently recruited while also offering employers with the opportunity to hire workers, trainees and apprentices from European countries.


  • Professional mobility is always a source of empowerment and growth for all the actors involved: the mobile worker, who will live new cultural, personal and professional experiences; and the employer, who will benefit from a multi-cultural staff characterised by diffierent and complementary approaches, know-how and professional backgrounds.
  • Mobility is also one of the means promoted by the European Commission to strenghten the European citizenship, reinforcing the feeling of belonging in a common society and limiting stereotypes and racist phenomena.
  • Professional mobility enables the construction of a citizenship based on reciprocate knowledge and on the sharing of everyday life.



YfEj 6.0 aims at:

  • developing innovative projects for the promotion of professional mobility, through the support of the European Commission
  • supporting young people to find a job, traineeships and apprenticeships in another EU Member State. YfEj 6.0 focuses on actual matching and placement services, covering all phases of placement, for successful integration into labour markets
  • promoting a circular, voluntary and quality mobility of workers and the construction of a European citizenship



This programme targets youth aged 18-35; nationals and legally resident of any of the EU 27 Member State, Iceland and Norway; employers in the EU 27 Member States, Norway and Iceland, with a special attention to Small and Medium-sized Entreprises.


YfEj 6.0 is coordinated by ANPAL (Agency of Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, acting as EURES National Coordination Office) in partnership with 12 co-applicants (Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Metropolitan City of Rome, Eurodesk Italy, Sapienza University, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus), 2 affiliates (ANPAL Servizi and Capitale Lavoro) and 15 associates.


For more information, visit My First EURES Job