Tommaso is a lawyer with extensive experience and specialisation in electoral, international and constitutional law, including work as a legal consultant on various UN and EU projects, has participated in electoral expert missions in over 25 countries. He has extensive experience in technical assistance projects: Lead legal expert for the UN voter registration mission to New Caledonia in 2016, Lead technical advisor to the EU technical assistance project in Tunisia for the 2014 electoral process. Currently, in preparation for the transition in Guinea Conakry, he is team leader of the EU-funded technical assistance for a mechanism to support Guinean civil society through a structured dialogue framework.

Tommaso has over 20 years of progressive experience in 20 EU Election Observation Missions and 6 Election Expert Missions (EEMs), as a legal, electoral or political expert, and an EU EEM also covering the position of Team Leader. He has also been Deputy Chief Observer for 5 EU EOMs (Burkina Faso 2015, Guinea 2013, Paraguay 2013, Senegal 2012, Burundi 2010).

He has extensive experience and knowledge of the various legal, regulatory and electoral frameworks as well as international and regional standards for elections and a thorough knowledge of the "Compendium of International Standards for Elections".

He has a solid understanding of all aspects of electoral processes, including: election administration, voter registration, party and candidate registration, election campaigning (including media), participation of women and minorities, election security, voter education and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. His extensive experience of working in multinational teams, in complex political environments and in post-conflict environments is an added value in the implementation of all these projects.