Piero Scarpellini is a member of the Strategic and Advisory Committee of ECES, as of January 2021.

Piero Scarpellini is currently Special Attorney for International Affairs at the Pragmata Institute for International Development in the Republic of San Marino. Prior to that, he was General Director of Pragmata Institute and founder and member of the Steering Committe at the Tèresys Foundation in the Republic of San Marino.

He is specialised in relations with institutions of African, Middle Eastearn and Mediterranean countries, with long-term experience in public relations, economic and business development and relations with various international organiations (African Union, European Union, United Nations, World Bank, European Investment Bank) and in the development of strategic international projects.

During his career, Piero Scarpellini served as a diplomat for the Republic of San Marino, in particular as Adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on European Union Relations and as Adviser to the Minister for Finance on International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and International Investment Agencies. He was also Honorary Member of the Africa Business Aviation Association (AfBAA) & Special Adviser to the Board; Adviser to the African Union for Strategic Initiatives and its relations with European Union and EU Member States; Adviser to the Pacific Microstates Group of States for their promotion at international level and Adviser to the Forum of Kings, Sultans, Sheikhs of African Tribes for Foreign Affairs and International Relations.

Piero Scarpellini also held the position of Senior Adviser to UNICRI (United Nations Crime and Justice Research Institute), Adviser to the President of Italian Ministers’ Council Romano Prodi for relations with Member states of the African Union, Member of the Board and Director of Public Affairs of World Chambers Network in Paris (France), Vice President of ECS-DNV - Det Norske Veritas (Ente Certificazione Sammarinese), Responsible for European Affairs at WASME (World Association Small and Medium Enterprises in New Delhi (India)); and Responsible for European Affairs at Global Management Centre - Trade Information Network of G77 (USA).

Piero Scarpellini holds a University Degree in Arts and Philosophy from University of Bologna (Italy), a Master Degree in Management and Development & Strategies for Tourism from University of Bologna (Italy), a Master Degree in Communications and a Master Degree in Technique and Psychology of Selling from M&R Chicago (USA).

In his new role within the Strategic and Advisory Committee of ECES, Piero Scarpellini will work alongside the other members and the Committee’s President Joelle Milquet, former Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, and fellow senior international professionals, in the fields of democratic governance and international cooperation. The Committee will provide advice and guidance on the strategy and new initiatives to be developed by ECES in accordance with its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, and addressing the new challenges and opportunities for the consolidation of democracy and the prevention of election-related violence around the globe.