Jacopo Ardito is a Senior Project & Communication Officer at ECES HQ. He holds a BA in International Studies at the University of Trento where he won a scholarship to conduct his thesis research at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Jacopo holds a MA in European Studies with a specialisation in European Politics and International Relations at Maastricht University, where he graduated with a research thesis on EU’s state-building action in Libya.

Before joining ECES Jacopo was a Schuman Trainee at the Election Observation and Follow-up Unit of the European Parliament.  During this experience, Jacopo worked in monitoring the pre-and post-electoral political developments in Latin America, the OSCE area, the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, he worked on the impact of ICTs and social media on elections. In 2019, Jacopo was a consultant for the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea working as a focal point for the Alpine Convention, EUSALP and EUSAIR regional policies. During his MA he worked as social media manager for the “Maastricht Debate 2019” between the spitzenkandidaten of the EU elections. In 2017 covered the role of Project Manager Assistant for an NGO in Guinea-Bissau.