Traore was a magistrate for 38 years and has held several judicial and administrative positions in his country, Burkina Faso. He holds a Degree in Legal Science, a Diploma from the National School of Magistrates and a PhD in criminology. Traore was dedicated to constitutionalism, working for 17 years between the High Judicial Court, the Constitutional Chamber the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Council.

During his time at the Ministry of Justice, he led several reforms: the adoption of social reintegration policy of prisoners, the fight against corruption, the approximation of the system of justice, rehabilitation of infrastructures, creation and the construction of new courts and prisons etc. Traore has also carried out several missions abroad: in 1993 for the Ministry of Justice of Madagascar, in 2007 the Commission for Reform and Modernization of Justice in Togo and in 2008 for the Consolidation of Democracy in Mali .

Following the election management in Burkina Faso, Traore participated in the first election observation mission of the OIF in Burundi. Subsequently he performed other election observation but has also been asked as a Legal Adviser and International Expert in several countries including Togo, Haiti, Burundi, Mali, Niger, Guinea Conakry in Guinea Bissau.