On Thursday the 20th of October ECES launched the first of its trainings with the Central Electoral Commission of Albania.

The three-day training on Preventing-Mitigating-Managing Electoral Conflicts and Conflict Mapping was led by Daria Paprocka and Hamza Fassi-Fihri, two ECES Senior Electoral Experts and delivered to 20 members of the Albanian Central Electoral Commission. This training has been done in a series of coaching sessions that ECES will deliver at the electoral commission staff and directors in the upcoming weeks and months.

The event kicked off with the initial remarks of ECES Founder and Executive Director, Fabio Bargiacchi:

Thanks to the help and facilitation of ECES Electoral expert Alma Lama, we start our collaboration between ECES and Central Electoral Commission of Albania steam from the experience that we have mature in the 11 years since our foundation in the field of electoral and democratic strengthening through the provision of advisory services. We are extremely happy to start today this series of trainings for the Central Electoral Commission of Albania.”

The training session covered different aspects of the of leadership in the electoral cycle with the goals of:

1) Strengthen the leadership capacities of electoral stakeholders;

2) Provide the necessary tools to detect, analyse, prevent or resolve electoral fragilities throughout the electoral cycle;

3) Increase the level of confidence and self-awareness.