Zage Filiposki has been dedicated to developing democratic institutions including support to Electoral Administration, Local Government, Ministries and Parliament Mostly in South East Europe but also in Africa and Kaukazus. He is Acreditting BRIDGE and LEAD facilitator also UNHABITAT Elected Leadership trainer. He is committed in researching and developing more effective coaching and influencing techniques and methods. Change does not happen overnight.  He has designed and developed number of training curricula including training videos and online trainings.  More than 1.600 persons benefited from his trainings acquiring new skills and changing their attitudes. He has started his career as a leader of reputable civil society organization, ODIHR elections monitoring and OSCE programme officer also working as consultant with many other organizations such are UNDP and CoE.  


He holds MSc and MBA from University of Ljubljana focussing of developing  Authentic Leadership and Positive Psychological Capital in Learning Organizations.