Before joining ECES, Madjiguene worked for a italo-belgian consulting firm, specialized in European and international financing, in particular external cooperation programs. In addition to monitoring funding programs and drafting project proposals, Madjiguene was in charge of external relations with international organizations, financial institutions, public and private entities.
Madjiguene also worked for an international Chamber of Commerce in Milan, dealing with economic, social and cultural cooperation between private and public Italian entities and different African countries. 
At this time, she worked on several development projects and accompanied the internationalization of several Italian companies in Africa, managing especially the contractual part with governments and donors. Madjiguene managed the participation of several African countries (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Mauritania) at the Universal Exposition Milan 2015.
Furthermore, a brief and intense experience at the International Institute of Humanitarian Law allowed her to deepen her knowledge on human rights and conflict management.
She graduated at the Università degli studi di Milano and holds a BA in International Science and European Studies and two MAs in International Relations - with specialization in diplomacy and international cooperation - and in Strategic and Military Studies.
During her university studies, she completed a period of study at the Sodertorn University in Stockholm and winning a scholarship allowed her to work as researcher at the Université Sorbonne in Paris.

Languages: Wolof (Senegal), Italian, English, French.