ECES Delegation lands at the DoP23: Highlights from Opening Sessions

The presence of the ECES delegation on the ground signifies a strong commitment to the principles upheld by the DoP Conference. Fabio Bargiacchi, Filiberto Sebregondi, Giovanni Barbera, and Jacopo Ardito are representing ECES as co-organizers of this annual meeting. Their participation is made possible through funding from the Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, as part of the Pro-Electoral Integrity Project.

Welcoming and Keynote Session

The week kicked off with a warm welcome from H.E Ambassador Ayele Lire, followed by the keynote addresses by H.E. Ambassador Alberto Bertoni, the Italian Ambassador to the African Union. Ambassador Bertoni praised the collaboration with ECES, particularly highlighting the Pro Electoral Integrity project, a significant contribution to transparent and inclusive elections in Africa. Italy's commitment to ongoing cooperation for successful and peaceful elections, conflict prevention, and women's political participation was reiterated.

Adding to the vibrant discussion, Ms. Cristina Castagnoli, Head of Unit at the European Parliament, and H.E Dr Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe, Former Vice-President of Uganda, set the tone for an evening filled with insightful conversations.

Session I: “Communication on Observation”

The afternoon saw a deep dive into the crucial topic of effectively communicating observation findings. Chaired by Ms. Meaghan Fitzgerald, Head of the Election Department at ODIHR, the session addressed the challenges of making intricate findings accessible to the public and the media.

Distinguished Speakers:

  • Ms. Crystal Orderson – Freelance Journalist
  • Ms. Farah Karimi, Member of Parliament (Netherlands) and Member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
  • Dr. Tom Molony, Senior Lecturer in African Studies, University of Edinburgh

The speakers tackled thought-provoking questions, exploring avenues to enhance communication practices and collaboration with the media for a broader impact.

As we bid adieu to the initial phase of #DoP23, anticipation builds for the remaining sessions that promise to delve deeper into critical issues surrounding democracy, electoral integrity, and the path forward for inclusive governance.