More than eleven years ago, our Founder and Executive Director Fabio Bargiacchi in collaboration with Steadman Harrison Founder and President of LEAD Beyond co-created the “The innovative Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders” (LEAD) training.

The LEAD training builds on Fabio Bargiacchi’s vast experience in the electoral assistance field. This idea was born in San Diego in August 2009, while he was attending the Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) “Leadership Development Program”. In that context, he identified the need for capacity-building training to enhance capacities in the crossroads between leadership and conflict management.

The LEAD training has been copyrighted by ECES, and it is now a structural part of our basket of 12 copyrights which include a wide range of tools and methodologies aimed at supporting the implementation of our strategy ''A European Response to Electoral Cycle Support - EURECS''.

The LEAD training is a flexible learning tool that is customised according to the specific context and target group. It provides participants with the resources and skills needed to replicate the training and thus guarantees its sustainability. ECES and LEAD Beyond have jointly delivered the LEAD training in more than 50 countries mainly in Africa and the Middle East and in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic.


You can watch the video by clicking HERE