Within the framework of the LOT 7 of the EU Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013 - 2017, ECES, in partnership with IBF, is pleased to announce the launch of the new project: Assistance Technique Juridique à la CENIT in Madagascar (Legal Technical Assistance to the Independent National Electoral Commission for Transition in Madagascar).

Started on July 8 2014, the project aims to provide the Independent National Electoral Commission for Transition (CENIT) in Madagascar with high-level legal technical assistance. The objective is to strengthen the CENIT’s capacity in managing the electoral process, with a special focus on the August 2014 local elections and on the post-electoral phase.

This eight-month’s project will be implemented by ECES’ expert Andrianaivo Ravelona RAJAONA who, through missions in the field, will advise the CENIT in the preparation of legal texts and reforms that will rule, both, the local elections, as well as, the future of the electoral administration.

In 2014, ECES and IBF created a partnership with the specific purpose of providing expertise and advice on electoral assistance in the framework of the requests received by IBF for the LOT 7 of FWC 2013-2017. The Framework Contract Beneficiaries consists of multi-year contracts aiming at increasing the flexibility in the provision of short-term technical assistance activities to the benefit of third countries.


For more information, please send an email to info@eces.eu