IBF International Consulting, as part of a consortium member, has been awarded the LOT 7 contract, concerning Governance and Home Affairs, within the European Framework Contract beneficiaries for the period 2013-2017 (FWC). IBF is dedicated to the preparation and implementation of activities requested by this Framework contracts around the World. IBF has been managing framework contracts for more than 17 years and has developed an extensive experience in providing expertise all over the world in a very short-time frame and respects the highest quality standards.


In 2014, ECES and IBF entered into partnership with the specific purpose of providing expertise and advice on electoral assistance in the framework of the requests received by IBF for the LOT 7 of FWC 2013-2017. Particularly, ECES will identify and provide IBF with CVs matching the requirements described by the specific FWC terms of reference, provide IBF with a methodology when applicable, and follow up the work of the experts selected by the consortium in terms of content and deliverables to ensure highest quality.

ECES is not part of the consortium of the framework contract LOT 7 lead by IBF and composed by the following organisations:


  • ATC Consultants GmbH
  • BAa Consultors (Base Assistència I Assessorament Consultors S.L.)
  • Fundación CIDEAL
  • Coffey International Development Ltd
  • ECFDC (European Consulting for Developing Countries)
  • ICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbH
  • The IDL Group Ltd




ECES collaborates with IBF as subcontractor when and where is mutually advantageous and for countries where ECES is not implementing already EU electoral assistance projects. ECES does not collaborate with IBF or any other consortium or companies of the LOT 7 if there is an interest for ECES in being considered for the  implementation of EU electoral assistance projects that are formulated by electoral experts hired by EU services under this framework contract.


The specific services foreseen in LOT 7 are:

  • Promotion and protection of human rights
  • Support for democratisation
  • Reinforcement of the rule of law and administration of justice
  • Public administration reform and civil service reform
  • Decentralisation and local development
  • Enhancing the role of civil society
  • Home Affairs, the fight against organised crime (incl. drugs) and terrorism