On the 2nd  and 3rd of December 2021, ECES completed the training course on "Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholder” (LEAD) following an invitation of the Electoral Skills Network of the Francophonie (RECEF, Réseau des Compétences Électorales Francophones) and the RECEF Women's Forum. The training was attended by over 60 people from over 15 different countries, all representing the organizations that are part of RECEF and its partners. During the two days of meetings the participants were introduced to the key concepts and basic tools of the LEAD training, and they had the opportunity to share their experiences.

It should be underlined that the LEAD training provides a flexible method that adapts to the context and the audience, highlighting the experience of the participants in the prevention and management of electoral conflicts. The course emphasized in particular the role of women in conflict prevention.

The following electoral intervened: Eva Palmans (Head of the Programmes and Resource Mobilisation section at ECES  of ECES), Adina Borcan (Senior Communication and Electoral Expert) and Adolfo Cayuso (Senior Electoral Expert).