On Wednesday 15 April 2021, ECES took part in the “Follow up session to ‘Developing an internal gender policy in an Electoral Management Body (EMB)”: why and how?’” online event, co-organised by ECES and the Women's Forum of the Réseau des Compétences Électorales Francophones (RECEF).

This online session aimed at pursuing the fruitful exchange of practical experiences in the field of gender-sensitive issues and gender equality in EMBs and in electoral processes, sharing field experiences and ideas for action through the analysis of three case studies (Canada, Madagascar and Niger).

As emphasised by Adina Borcan, ECES Senior Gender and Institutional Communication Expert: “More sustainable, democratic and peaceful societies can only be based on the full and equal participation of women. Consideration must be given to what happens in the EMBs, to women's voter registration, to participation in voting and to women as candidates.’

A total of 35 participants attended the session, from 12 EMBs (Benin, Burundi, Canada, Comoros, Guinea, Madagascar, Mauritania, Quebec, Romania, Senegal, Togo, Tunisia) of the 32 RECEF member EMBs and four international organisations.

Reiterating ECES’ commitment to gender equality in electoral processes, ECES Head of Programmes and Resource Mobilisation Section, Eva Palmans, pointed out: 

‘We are therefore interested in hearing about your experiences as EMBs implementing this policy, but also in understanding your role in promoting women's participation as candidates and voters. But most importantly, we need to look at how we can support each other moving forward.”

“At ECES, we are here to listen to you, advise you and we will always remain available afterwards to continue to give you advice and support your structures through the RECEF’s Women's Forum.’

Following this training, ECES offers, within the framework of the RECEF Women's Forum, support to EMBs wishing to put into practice the principles and tools presented during the training. ECES has also developed a publication as a practical tool for EMBs aiming to promote gender equality in their internal structure. This topic had been identified by RECEF members as a priority to be integrated into the Women's Forum action plan. 

The full report is available here (FR).