ECES is happy to collaborate on an initiative steamed from a brilliant idea of the Secretary of our Steering & Advisory Committee, Piero Scarpellini.

We are talking about "Flying4Peace" which has been created as an independent, not for profit, non-partisan foundation with a clear mandate related to conflict prevention/solution, peacebuilding including for electoral processes.

Flying4Peace will implement the following type of activities:

  • Ad-hoc air transport service on demand for authorities, envoys, mediators, etc. to support ongoing negotiations and shuttle diplomacy;
  • On-the-spot availability of flights at the occasion of events/conferences where the concerned peace actors wish to participate and/or to connect with other actors on the way to/from the event;
  • Air transport services for authorities that are not in a position to use official means due to the confidentiality of the talks;
  • Facilitation for exceptional circumstances.

The activities will be implemented by highly selected personnel with longstanding experience in political, diplomatic, peace and election processes which will ensure the necessary high standards of integrity and credibility and preserve the service’s exclusive and neutral finality of peace promotion and political mediation.

While providing the service, they will act as professional facilitators and honest brokers in a complex network of relationships for peace.

Stay tuned...