It's official! 

The extension of our Support Project for the Electoral Process in Senegal (PAPE Senegal) was made official by its online signature on Tuesday, the 15th of December!

Fabio Bargiacchi, co-founder and Executive Director of ECES, is pleased to have participated in this ceremony which paves the way for a 5th component of our ambitious project, which began in 2017 and aims to support the Senegalese electoral process through the participation of stakeholders, the strengthening of institutional communication, the implementation of electoral reforms and support for political dialogue. 

As a reminder, the PAPES Senegal Project's mission is: 

- Support and develop an electoral awareness and education program for the population, implemented by the Directorate General of Elections (DGE).

Promote the transparency of the electoral cycle by strengthening the DGE's institutional communication.

- Strengthen the DGE's interaction with the stakeholders in the electoral process in order to strengthen political dialogue as an instrument of conflict prevention. 

The signing of the 5th extension of the PAPES Project demonstrates Germany's extreme confidence in ECES and its exclusive role as a reference organization in terms of electoral support, in line with the values and policies of the EU and its Member States in their development cooperation with their partner countries. 

For more information on the project, please visit the website of PAPE Senegal: PAPES Website