We are glad to organise a panel within the EU Community of Practice on Peace Mediation (CoP)a High-Level event which will take place on the 26-27 October 2022 in Brussels.

The CoP is an annual event, that convenes EU and international actors, policymakers, mediation practitioners, experts and representatives of civil society from around the globe, allowing discussions on the current state and the future of EU mediation. The EU peace mediation system is currently facing unprecedented challenges, and the European but also global peace and security architecture is once again concerned. Given this context, the 2022 edition of the CoP will specifically focus on the topic of ‘Mediation in a challenging international environment: building partnerships for sustainable peace'.

Within the two days of the event, the European Centre for Electoral Support will organise a Panel on the topic of “Mediation support in electoral processes or crises”, which will take place on Thursday 27th October, from 11h30 to 13h00. To follow the panel connect here.

The objective of our panel is to share awareness and experience on peace mediation in electoral processes, focusing on the potential of mediation and dialogue as a tool that holds great value all-around the electoral process. As a fact, peace mediation in electoral processes should be embedded in each phase of the electoral cycle as a preventative measure, installing or reviving an infrastructure of dialogue across and amongst stakeholders at all tracks. Bringing peace mediation closer to the technical aspects of electoral processes would in fact allow entry points for mediation support to emerge clearer, as well as facilitate a risks assessment providing a realistic timeline for mediation in electoral processes guided by the electoral cycle and calendar.

Organised and animated by Filiberto C. Sebregondi in the role of Moderator - a member of EEAS pool of Mediators and Vice President of ECES Strategic & Advisory Committee - the high-level meeting will bring together, among others:



Through the contribution of these highly referenced experts, the panel will attempt to address specific questions and lead to considerations of the role and relevance of EU-funded and supported peace mediation on the one hand, and electoral support on the other. Moreover, the panel will also highlight the different natures of election-related conflicts and crises from other social and political conflicts, the scope of action for mediators in this domain, as well as the role of Electoral Commissions and other Peace-building bodies/actors in mediating peace around elections.

ECES' experience on Peace Mediation related topics is indeed confirmed by the development of the copyrighted methodology on Peace Mediation for Electoral Processes”, written by ECES founder and Executive Director Fabio Bargiacchi and Victoria Florinder, Senior Electoral and Peace Mediation expert.

This methodology, based on concrete cases of peace mediation in electoral processes, seeks to draw lessons of common risks and windows of opportunities for conflict settlement around the electoral cycle, offering concrete guidance when attempting to mediate in electoral crises escalating due to flawed elections.