The project provided an assessment of the Support to Media on electoral matters in Zimbabwe.


The European Union Contract Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013 (FWC BENEF 2013)  - LOT 7 “Governance and Home Affairs" the section “Human rights and Governance” covers the following domains:

  •     Promotion and protection of human rights,
  •     Support to democratisation,
  •     Reinforcement of the rule of law and administration of justice,
  •     Public administration reform, and civil service reform,
  •     Decentralisation and local development,
  •     Enhancement of the role of civil society.

In this context, ECES‘ expert, Andrea Malnati was selected by the European Union services in 2017 to support the EU Delegation to define a strategy for a possible call for proposals for media on electoral matters.

In particular, the assignment aimed to:

  •     Provide overview of donor funded media support projects related to the elections in 2013
  •     Identify lessons learned from this media support
  •     On that basis, formulate recommendation for a call for proposal for media on electoral matters

In order to carry out the assignment, the expert engaged with the different media actors and partners to evaluate past support and performance of media projects on elections and draw lessons for future interventions.