On Wednesday 13 August, our Nigeria project (European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria) supported an awareness session creation meeting for young women voters, ahead of the governorship elections in Edo State.

A total of 40 young female voters from the National Youth Council of Nigeria; CSOs; market traders as well as students participated in the meeting, which was facilitated by a fellow young facilitator.


The event sought, among other objectives:

  1. To encourage young female voters to participate in the electoral process, in light of the forthcoming 2020 Governorship Elections in Edo and Ondo States.
  2. To sensitise young women voters to know their rights and their role in elections.
  3. To ensure them that safety measures during elections are in line with Covid19 protocols.
  4. To build young female voters' confidence in the elections.

To respect the highest standards of safety, the event took place in two sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. A second session for Ondo State is slated for September 17th.