The EU funded project “Supporting the Libyan Forum for Civil Society” was created to organise the participation of women and youth in the reconstruction of Libya after the fall of the Government of the Colonel Muammar Gadhafi’s government and the starting of a new era for the country. 

By supporting the activities of the Libyan Forum for Civil Society (LFCS), ECES and LFCS sought to ensure the active participation of women and youth in the definition of fundamental legal, and institutional frameworks for the future of Libya. Their absence from the political arena at that crucial point in the history could have grave implicatons for the future of Libyan democracy and human rights.
The project's grant from EIDHR was been administrated by ECES between February to December 2012.


In the context of the project, ECES has trained more than 240 women in leadership skills, values and principles to enhance individual and organisational development.
Project’s activities were organised and implemented by the National Consortium of Libyan Women, which is currently transforming from a temporary platform into a Women's Organisations Network (WON). The network provides mainstream strategic and technical assistance and supports member organisations in strategic policy development, capacity building, management of external relations, mobilisation of resources, just to name a few.