We are proud to announce the renewal of our TRACE certification for the third year in a row!


TRACE certified companies and organizations, including ECES, are pre-vetted partners for multinational companies, donors and organizations seeking to carry out their activities with suppliers, agents and consultants who share their commitment to financial transparency.


In fact, to obtain such a certification, we are required to take part in worldwide recognized standards including anti-bribery training, adopting a code of conduct, and updating due diligence information annually.  Moreover, daily screening of names of ECES staff against international sanctions and enforcement lists are part of the reports.


What does all this really mean?


  • We are required to take part in the worldwide recognized standards of financial management including anti-bribery training, adopting a code of conduct, and updating due diligence information annually that is enshrined in our standard operating procedures and in a report made by TRACE so that we can available to our partners and donors.


  • We have successfully completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and have been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process providing to auditors all updated information requested about all members of our management board and strategic committee.


  • We continue our path towards transparency in our financial management as one of our priorities to further increase trust in our processes and procedures in dealing with public funds.