Review and Reflection Workshop – Trainings of NEBE on Electoral Operations 6th National Elections

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is hosting from 20th to 22nd December 2023 in Addis Ababa the Review and Reflection Workshop. It has been organised in close cooperation with partners, including ECES thanks to the initiative with the fund obtained from EU and German cooperation through EURECS.

The objective of the workshop include; collect valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and obtain feedbacks to enhance the training of election operations. By addressing these key objectives, the outcomes of the workshop will contribute to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the forthcoming training programs, ultimately strengthening the capacity of election operation officials in carrying out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently and thereby NEBE in executing fair and credible elections.

To this end, more than 35 participants from the NEBE head office, regional office, and partner organizations joined the event to achieve several common goals though debates, work groups and presentations. Challenges and lessons learned from the last training on electoral operations will be under analysis to validate and incorporate new insights, develop content for future trainings, review of delivery and management-focus manuals, reinforce the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, coordinate certifications with stakeholders, etc