Study Trip in Senegal



In the context of its Project in Support of the prevention and management of potential election related conflict and violence in Madagascar (PEV   Madagascar), ECES has organized a study trip for a delegation of 5 persons representing Malagasy CSOs (Liberty 32, KMF/CNOE, CID and Coalition de radios). The trip took place from January 31st to February 3rd, 2018 in Senegal.


The overall objective was to learn from good practices in the field of early warning and rapid response mechanisms as tools of conflict prevention. Meetings were organized with CSO platforms among which the movement "Y EN A MARRE" (“Fed up”), the "Plateforme des Acteurs Non Etatiques", the "Collectif des Organisations de la Société Civile pour les Elections", OSIWA, One World, RESOCIT (the Gorée Institute et COSC), OSIDEA, along with electoral authorities, influential persons and local focal points (in Thiès).


According to a missionary’s testimony: “The study trip to Senegal has been productive for the PEV project in Madagascar as it enabled the acquisition of the “situation room” methodology, which can be widely applied to electoral violence monitoring as a whole. The experience from Senegal will be adapted to the Malagasy context and, as such, any exchange, note and recommendation to main actors will be fine-tuned to the field of conflict monitoring mechanisms in order to be correctly implemented. Local expertise will be required to further consolidate the technical aspects of the early warning and rapid response system to be put in place in Madagascar”.


As a reminder, PEV Madagascar is a project established by ECES and its CSO partners in Madagascar with the prime objective of contributing to the prevention and management of potential election related conflict and violence in Madagascar by supporting CSOs and other key actors in creating a peaceful electoral process.