Assisting the Sudanese National Electoral Commission (NEC) and strengthening its capacity in the organisation of the next electoral process. was one of ECES top priorities in 2013. Through its cooperation with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), ECES has implemented the capacity development component of the Support to the Democratisation Process in Sudan, "Implementing a Bridge Strategy and Training on Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Administrations (LEAD) in Sudan”, from February until November 2013.


The overall objective of the project has been to strengthen and improve the NEC’s capacities and cooperation with other electoral stakeholders. Through an intense collaboration between the NEC and ECES’ Arabic speaking experts, the Sudanese electoral officers have been exposed to new approaches in the organisation and planning of elections, which, among other things, contributed to the improvement of their methodology in terms of voter registration, gender awareness and electoral management design.


The specific objectives of the project were:

  • To strengthen the leadership capacity and internal management of the NEC
  • To support the conduct of voter education and public information workshops, events and forums, by providing the NEC with the tools and adequate training to act in an independent and impartial manner,  while becoming involved in training their peers at the local and regional level.
  • Transfer knowledge to the local stakeholders and create a sustainable national pool of experts in civic and voter education, leadership development and prevention of electoral violence. 

Local stakeholders will be then able to efficiently replicate and develop the training process after the departure of the international LEAD and BRIDGE experts. Since the launching of this project,  ECES has delivered 10 BRIDGE modules, one BRIDGE Train the Facilitators and one LEAD Training of Trainers.


ECES made a wide use of audio-visual materials as pedagogical tools to ensure a regional approach in its activities. For the SDP-SUDAN project, ECES has produced this video, available in English and Arabic, which showcase the main features of the capacity development component of the Project.


The video has been produced in collaboration with Collateral Creation.


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