On Sunday, February 9th, a participatory meeting was held at the University of Jordan, between the Chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Dr. Khalid Al-Kalaldeh, Dean of Prince Al-Hussein College for International Studies, Dr. Muhammad Al-Qatatsheh and Professor De Quttry, Deputy Rector at Sant'Anna University, #Italy. 


The meeting sought to enhance the existing cooperation between the three institutions. In 2018, the IEC signed an agreement with Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) and the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES).

It is now working towards expanding this collaboration by concluding a partnership agreement with the University of Jordan and Sant'Anna University on Adopting the election policy and administration Diploma in Prince Hussein International College.


What is the agreement between ECES & SSSA? 


The trilateral agreement supported the translation of MEPA, an online Master programme, into Arabic.


MEPA aims to:


  • Offer advanced preparation to people interested in pursuing a career as professional in the field of Electoral Policy and Administration and those already working in this field;
  • Respond to a global, structural demand for qualified electoral administrators;
  • Contribute to reducing the gender gap in electoral administration by contributing to strengthening #women’s role in this sector, including in senior positions.


Our partnership with Sant'Anna allows for preferential condtions -for specific modules or the entire course- for applicants too!


More information at http://eces.eu/newsite/posts/eces-sssa-on-mepa