This resume offers a compiled overview of the PACTE Comoros I and II including activities, objectives and achievements.


A Resume of Projects in Support of Credibility and Transparency of the Electoral Process in the Union of Comoros (PACTE COMORES I and II), financed by the European Union has been put together by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES).

Since August 2014, ECES has been present in the Union of Comoros, providing a technical support to the electoral administration and the democratic process through the two projects PACTE-COMORES I and II ( The projects technically assisted the INEC in the preparation and implementation of the elections of representatives of the state, the islands advisors and the local elections of 2015, and in 2016 for the presidential election and that of the governors of the autonomous islands.

This resume aims to provide information on the objectives and achievements of the projects, and is synthetically organized for easy reference.

It provides all the information about the different activities that have been implemented in the framework of the multifaceted intervention that make up the projects PACTE-Comoros I and II. It also provides an overview of the key results achieved and the complementarity of the two PACTE Comoros projects that contributed to the smooth running of the two electoral processes.

This document also presents the conclusions of projects’ external evaluations with regards of their relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and visibility. It also offers readers the opportunity to obtain further information on the projects’ management and financial monitoring as well as on the innovative tools used for that purpose. The resume also reiterates how budgetary efficiency and the respect for procedures are constantly monitored through regular financial audits.

In addition, the Projects Resume presents the future plan for action of ECES in the Union of Comoros. Indeed, to maximize the results obtained in the framework of PACTE Comoros projects, and contribute to the implementation of the recommendations of the Election Observation Missions, ECES has developed proposals for action to sustainably consolidate the democratic and electoral process in the country. 

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