The project “Renforcer la protection sociale et la participation des Femmes, Jeunes et Société Civile en Union des Comores (Shawiri)” is funded by the European Union through the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI), with a grant of 3.85 million euros allocated for 36 months.

Led by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES), headquartered in Brussels, the Shawiri project brings together a consortium of organizations committed to addressing social protection and participation challenges in the Union of the Comoros. ECES serves as the lead partner in the consortium, leveraging its extensive experience in supporting and implementing EU funded projects across numerous countries, and specifically in the region, focusing on capacity building and leadership development, including a gender perspective.

The project's activities will be implemented by a consortium of partners, including MAEECHA (Mouvement Associatif pour l’Éducation et l’Égalité des Chances), a Comorian NGO operating in the field of education dedicated to promoting actions for children's well-being and harmonious development, both academically and within their families; Earth Echo Communications, an organization specialized in video, media, and cooperation, supports global development organizations by disseminating voices, issues, and ideas, and the French Red Cross, represented by the Comité de la Croix-Rouge des Comores (CRCo), actively engaged in humanitarian efforts, including first aid, health services, disaster management, and community capacity building.

The Shawiri project aims to achieve three main objectives :

  • ⁠Developing an ecosystem conducive to social protection and citizen participation of women, youth, and persons with disabilities.
  • Strengthening internal structuring of civil society on citizen participation and social protection of these groups.
  • Supporting and enhancing governance, coordination, and management capacities of institutions responsible for gender, youth, and dedicated programs