On the 18th November 2021 in Antananarivo, ECES launched the Reflection Workshop on Youth Participation in Political and Public Life as part of the Project of Support for the Development and Consolidation of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Madagascar (PADEM), supported by the International Organization for the Francophonie (OIF).

The opening was marked by the speeches of the Vice-Minister in charge of Youth to the “Ministry of Youth and Sports”, and that of the Representative of the OIF for the Indian Ocean, who recalled the importance of young people in the development of countries at all levels. The principles and recommendations of the National Pact for Youth, adopted in 2018 with the support of the OIF, were also recalled.

On the agenda, besides the relaunch of this Pact, there were also the discussions on the revitalization of the National Youth Parliament of Madagascar. The participants to the workshop were representatives of the Parliament, of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, other state institutions, politics, civil society, the media, the academia and the private sector.

The workshop was split into two days and aimed at consolidating existing initiatives, creating collaborations among the different actors and adopting commitments in favor of the promotion of the participation of young people in political and public life.