Our ISO lead asessor Jose Enrique Roman partook in the global discussion on "Quality Management Systems at times of a pandemic", organised by the Instituto Electoral Ciudad de México.

He presented the “Leadership and Quality Management Skills for Electoral Administrators - LEAD-Q" capacity development methodology copyrighted by ECES. LEAD-Q is the result of lessons learnt over the last 10 years by ECES while assisting electoral administrators in vast parts of the world, in view to strengthen internal efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.

After providing a brief history of the creation of LEAD-Q and its foundation, he expounded the LEAD-Q models to the audience, introducing its originality in prescribing a set of rules, routines and procedures developed to address common weaknesses within electoral administrations targeting a quality management in their electoral processes.

Mr Enrique conluded his intervention by outlining the expected results of this new methodology, which has been implemented by ECES in its various projects across the globe. 

Expected results of LEAD-Q include, among others:

  • Electoral Leadership Development
  • Constant and consistent control of organisational processes
  • Understanding and monitoring of electoral needs
  • Greater clarity and knowledge of regulation and procedures for stakeholders
  • Greater potential for transparency
  • Strict monitoring of compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • Thinking based on electoral risk management
  • Staff participation and awareness in the electoral process
  • Improving the efficiency of communication in the electoral context
  • Reduction of errors in electoral management


The full replay of the discussion can be found here