The Support Project for Parliament and Electoral Processes (PAPPE) in Chad is funded by the European Union through the European Development Fund and fully implemented by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES). 

This project aims to promote democratic governance in Chad and support stakeholders working towards expanding the realm of freedoms and their implementation. Specifically, it aims to: 

  • Improve inclusive governance and transparency of electoral processes structurally, with special attention to gender aspects.
  • Strengthen Chad's post-transition Parliament to make the country's governance more transparent, inclusive, and effective, and enable the exercise of oversight functions over the executive by the legislative body.

This 8.3-million-euro project started in June 2023, for a duration of 48 months, until June 2027. Because it targets medium and long-term goals without being tied to a specific electoral process, the project will unfold in 3 phases, independent of electoral deadlines and EU support for these deadlines, each targeting one or more beneficiary: 

  • Phase 1: Support to the CNDH (National Human Rights Commission)
  • Phase 2: Support to ANGE (National Elections Authority) and CNDH
  • Phase 3: Support to all beneficiaries

Regarding the structural and professional strengthening of the targeted actors, the project aims for the greatest complementarity and synergies with the interventions of technical partners funded by the European Union.