The Project "Projet d’Appui à l’Observation citoyenne du Cycle électoral de la Transition 2020-2022 au Mali - PRO Observation Mali is funded by the European Union and implemented by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) in partnership with a consortium of civil society organisations for profound reforms in Mali.

This project is intended to support the mobilisation of the electoral observation mission of the consortium, which includes, among others, the Observatory for Elections and Good Governance in Mali; Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Démocratie (AJCAD); DONIBLOG-Communauté des Bloggeurs du Mali, Le CONSORTIUM ELE-Citoyenneté Droits Humains Inclusifs and TUWINDI. This consortium of organisations calls their mission: Mission d'Observation Des Élections au Mali - MODELE Mali.

It is also a complementary intervention to other electoral observation and civic education missions such as those carried out by the Coalition for Citizen Observation of Elections in Mali (COCEM), WANEP-Mali (West African Network for Peacebuilding) and the Association Malienne pour le Relèvement du Taux de Participation aux Élections.

Considering that the first elections will take place in October 2021, the project started in May 2021 for 18 months.

The project consists of three components:

  • Component 1: Planning and Capacity Building.
  • Component 2: Support to CSOs in the deployment of the EOM and in the transmission of results.
  • Component 3: Drafting and capitalisation of lessons learned from Citizen's Observation.

MODELE Mali is supported in its methodological challenges by the International Electoral Technical Assistance of the European Union Delegation to Mali (ATE DUE).

Please visit our official website for the project: