The project "Pro-Electoral Integrity: Project in Support to Electoral Integrity in Africa" is funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and via the African Union Commission’s Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security (AUC-PAPS) and aims at contributing to peace and security through the development of a common culture of resilience and shared values around integrity in electoral processes, by strengthening the capacities of African EMBs in conducting their own credible and inclusive elections.


In furtherance of actualising provisions of the MoU signed between ECES and the AUC-PAPS in May 2021 and also following exchanges between ECES and the AU-PAPS as per the priority of the first year of implementation of the MoU, the "Pro-Electoral Integrity" project was conceived and designed to provide technical support to a broad range of electoral stakeholders on the African continent with the overall objective of contributing to the conduct of credible, and inclusive elections in African Union Member States fostering the prevention of electoral conflicts and promotion of electoral integrity.


The project has an overall implementation period of 12 months and will support the AUC – PAPS to mainly build the resilience of Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and networks of EMBs to contribute to the challenges of electoral contexts to effectively organize elections in accordance with national and international norms and standards of democratic elections.

Pro Electoral Integrity - Project Resume: Project Resume