ECES, together with the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF)  has submitted its Policy Brief to T20 Summit (scheduled on October 4th to 6th, 2021), within Task Force 5 (TF5) for 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation. Stefano Manservisi is acting as the lead co-chair of TF5. He has also given his mentorship over the past year to our EURECS approach, after having been selected as one of ten projects to receive support in the context of the SCUP Programme in the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum.

SDG16: An enabler for accelerated implementation of the 2030 Agenda amid COVID-19.

In this policy brief, DCAF, ECES, IDLO and ISPI will look at how the G20 can contribute to the realization of the SDG16 targets, as a gateway for the entire 2030 Agenda, by setting up an inclusive Global SDG16 Forum and related Global SDG16 Fund to close the SDG16 gap and accelerate peace, justice and sustainable development for all.

The main objective of this publication is to encompass the current challenges of a world building back better from the COVID-19, through the lens of the link between democracy, the rule of law, good governance and elections. These are crucial enablers of peace and security, human rights and sustainable development – goals of 2030 Agenda.

The Policy Brief offers recommendations on how to better address the huge capacity of G20’s to mobilize the full inclusive range of actors, in order to accelerate the catalysation of concrete actions to build effective and accountable governance institutions and to support the implementation of innovative and impactful measures.

In the end, the paper explores some potential concrete solutions, conceived to contribute to the coherence and mutual reinforcement in the work of the different Engagement Groups operating within the framework of G20.

This publication shares the reflections of Fabio Bargiacchi, (ECES), Camillo Casola, (ISPI), Silvia Dodero (IDLO), Roland Friedrich IDLO), William McDermott (DCAF), Sebastiano Mori (ECES) and Giulia Sciorati (ISPI) and University of Trento.

Follow the link below to read the full publication :

SDG16: An enabler for accelerated implementation of the 2030 Agenda amid COVID-19