PEV-RSA supported the prevention, mitigation & management of conflicts related to 2019 elections.


PEV-RSA (Project in Support of the Prevention, Mitigation and Manage Election-Related Conflict and Potential Violence in South Africa) is an EU-funded project developed in collaboration with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

The 24-month project includes activities to support the prevention, mitigation and management of election-related conflicts and potential violence that may arise prior to, during and after the 2019 general elections at the national and provincial levels.


The objectives of the project are geared towards:

  • Enhancing leadership and conflict management capacities among key players, such as the coordinators and volunteers of the provincial conflict mediation panels;
  • Reviving existing peace infrastructures and connect their work to the province conflict mediation panels by providing secretariat services i.e. coordination, inclusion in capacity building and institutional support;
  • Supporting regional/international peer exchange meant to bridge the IEC with EMBs in other countries to share best practices pertaining to conflict prevention and management.


Please visit our project website for more detail: