The project in Support of the Electoral Process in the Republic of Senegal (PAPE Senegal, implemented by ECES and funded by the Federal Republic of Germany launched on Saturday 01st April 2017 a campaign focused on the raising awareness for the partial revision of the electoral list. The population is invited to enroll by the ad hoc committees before 23th April 2017. 

The first caravan started in the department of Pikine in the region of Dakar. The choice of mobilizing a caravan in this specific municipality is related to the General Direction of Elections (DGE) priorities and in particular to mobilize specifics target groups, especially young people and women.

The caravan has been implemented also thanks to the collaboration with the AJD Pasteefa very active actor in the Region. The caravan was led by four facilitators accompanied by the regional supervisor. The caravan has crossed the roads of the department and met the population to inform on the ongoing process throughout the distribution of flyers and the dissemination of targeted messages for the enrolment.


On Sunday 2nd April, during the celebration of World Youth Day the caravan reached the stadium which according to the Prefect estimated the participation of about ten thousand people. During the event, the animators were able to meet local authorities as well as the Minister of Youth who welcomed the awareness made by the caravan.