On 06th April 2017, a training-seminar on the constitution and submission of candidature dossier has been organized in Dakar. The training was realized in the framework of the Project in Support of the Electoral Process in the Republic of senegal (PAPE Senegal, www.papesenegal.eu), financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and organized by the General Direction of the Elections (DGE) with the support of the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES). 


The purpose of the training-seminar was to inform the participants, including representatives of political parties, coalitions of political parties, independent entities and members of the National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA), regarding the innovations of the Electoral Code and the procedures for the submission of candidatures ahead the legislative elections on 30th July 2017.



It was an important meeting in a convivial atmosphere that allowed to strengthen the capacities and sharing knowledge among the national representatives of the political groups. This initiative, which has resulted in a harmonization of views on all issues related to the constitution of the dossiers and candidatures, will support the dialogue ahead the   upcoming elections.


Approximately 170 people participated actively in the training-seminar, led by the national trainers.  The seminar described the new procedures of the electoral code with a didactic support of the practical guides for the constitution and the deposit of the lists and the files of candidatures. These documents, elaborated by the DGE for the training, in collaboration with the project PAPE Senegal, were distributed to all participants.